Doctoral Program Curriculum

The doctoral degree program will consist of 60 credit hours of coursework beyond the master's degree, organized into core course areas and specializations as listed below.

Research Core:

12 credit hours (of 12 offered)

  • EDF/EDLD 800 Introduction to Doctoral Program & Research Design in Educational Leadership
  • EDF/EDLD 801 Writing for Research in Educational Leadership
  • EDF/EDLD 802 Quantitative Methods in Educational Leadership
  • EDF/EDLD 803 Qualitative Methods in Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership & Management Core:

21-24 credit hours to be selected from the following 36 credit hours of coursework:

  • EDL/EDLD 810 Leadership Theory and Practice
  • EDL/EDLD 811 Management of Educational Organizations
  • EDL/EDLD 812 Supervision in Educational Settings
  • EDL/EDLD 820 Legal Issues & Ethics in Educational Organizations
  • EDL/EDLD 821 Politics & Community Relations
  • EDL/EDLD 822 Policy Development and Analysis
  • EDL/EDLD 823 Fiduciary Management of Educational Organizations
  • EDL/EDLD 840 Change Theory
  • EDL/EDLD 841 Organizational Development for Learning Communities
  • EDL/EDLD 842 Culture, Climate & Change Leadership
  • EDL/EDLD 875 Special Topics in Educational Leadership & Management
  • EDL/EDLD 897 Internship

Instructional Leadership:

6 - 9 credit hours to be selected from the following 15 credit hours of coursework:

  • ETEC/IRED 812 Leadership in Integration of Emerging Technologies
  • EDL/EDCI 830 Foundations of Curriculum Theory and Design
  • EDL/EDCI 831 Critical Analysis of Current Research on Effective Educational Practice
  • EDL/EDLD 832 Educational Evaluation
  • EDL/EDLD 871 Special Topics in Instructional Leadership

Field-Based Practicum Experiences:

3 Credit Hours:

  • EDL/EDLD 880 Research Practicum

Specialization Coursework:

6-9 Credit Hours:

The student will complete 6-9 semester credit hours in a specialization area. The specialization area and the courses within the specialization area must be agreed to by the student, the Faculty Advisor, the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program, and the Dean of the Graduate School.

The student is responsible for scheduling the courses in the specialization area. Specialization Areas include, but are not limited to, Educational Technology, Administration of Exceptionalities, Educational Leadership & Management, Instructional Leadership, Business, Communications, and Law.

Doctoral Dissertation Seminars:

6+ Credit Hours

  • EDF/EDLD 900 Doctoral Dissertation Seminar I
  • EDF/EDLD 990 Doctoral Dissertation Seminar II
  • EDF/EDLD 995 Defense and Completion of Dissertation

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